Wood and Laminate Flooring

County Carpets can supply and fit wood floors in a variety of materials and floor types such as Solid, Engineered and Laminate Wood Flooring. 


We are experts in fitting strip, board and plank styles of floors. We can offer a complete professional solution - as well as fitting the finished flooring we will also prepare the sub-floor in preparationfor fitting and supply and fit trims, scotias, skirting etc.


Different rooms and enviroments have different flooring requirements. To make you select the ideal product for your room why not call us to discuss today?



Quickstep laminate Flooring - Best Prices - Best Service.


Quickstep Eligna (1.722m2) £15.70m2

Quickstep Eligna Wide (1.835m2) £15.70m2

Quickstep Elite (1.722m2) £17.55m2

Quickstep Largo (2.521m2) £22.30m2

Quickstep Perspective UF (1.507m2) £22.45m2

Quickstep Perspective UF Wide (1.573m2) £22.45m2

Quickstep Classic 8mm (1.60m2) £14.65m2

Quickstep Creo 7mm (1.824m2) £13.30m2

Quicsktep Exquisa Tile (1.00m2) £18.35m2 

Quickstep Impressive 8mm (1.835m2)  £18.95m2 

Quickstep Impressive 12mm (1.311m2)  £25.95m2



Quick-Step Laminate Flooring

Quick-step laminate flooring is the brand created by Unilin - a Belgian company with a history of manufacturing the materials used in laminate flooring (MDF, Melamine etc.). Unilin is now owned by Mohawk - the largest flooring company in the world.

Quick-Step were the first flooring company to use a click-joint system. The uniclic glue less click system was revolutionary, as before this time, laminate floors had to be glued together – a much more time consuming process. With the invention of this joining system, laminate floors were made much more accessible to the DIY enthusiast.

In recent years, Quickstep have continued to innovate, bringing realistic patterns, decors and surfaces to their floors in a number of different formats:

Creo is the entry-level Quick-Step laminate flooring, with a variety of designs at the right price.

Classic is a range of two strip, three strip and full plank designs on a 7mm HDF plank.

Elite laminate floors are full plank floors with an accented edge.

Perspective is one of the most popular ranges - a collection of floors with a 'v' groove between the planks (Perspective 2) or a 'v' groove on all four sides (Perspective 4).

Largo floors are on a large plank format (2m length).

Eligna floors are full plank designs with a flush finish (no 'v' groove in between the planks).

Lagune flooring is suitable for bathrooms thanks to a moisture resistant core and an innovative design, which includes a plastic strip in between the planks.

Quickstep Quadra is a collection of tile effect laminate floors, particularly popular with kitchen installations as they offer the looks of ceramics without some of the drawbacks.

Arte laminate floors are over-sized tiles in a modern, or rustic style

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