LAMINATE SPECIAL!!!! Quickstep Creo ONLY £10.44m2



Stain Free 2 Ply Carpets From £6.95m2 (usually £18.95m2)

Stock Felt Back Carpet From £4.95m2 (usually £8.95m2)

Supreme 9mm Underlay Only £5.95m2 (usually £8.95m2)

Choice Of 5 Stock Vinyls Only £7.95m2 (usually £15.95m2)

Karndean Van Gogh Only £34.74m2    (usually £39.95m2)

Wool twist  40oz Wool Twist Only £16.49m2 (usually £28.95m2)



Carpet Right Price Comparisons -

We give you better prices on the carpet, underlay, grippers and fitting.

Overall you will save money - guaranteed.

please remember these prices change so often they may not be upto date but we promise to be cheaper than them everyday...


CARPET RIGHT 9mm underlay £7.99m2 - ours £5.95m2

carpet right auckland berber £14.99m2 - our price £11.35m2

carpet right ashbourne £14.99m2 - our price £13.95m2

carpet right baltimore stripe/plain £12.59m2 - our price £11.35m2

carpet right berber deluxe cobble £24.99m2 - our price £16.89m2

carpet right berber deluxe lattice/rib £24.99m2 - our price £16.89m2

carpet right boston plain or strips £15.99 - our price £12.99m2

carpet right california dreams £19.99 - our price £17.99m2

carpet right carousel £14.99m2 - our price £11.85m2

carpet right chequers £19.99m2 - our price £17.45m2

carpet right chiswick stripe £12.79m2 - our price £12.19m2

carpet right chunky berber £15.99m2 - our price £14.99m2 

carpet right concorde berber £6.99m2 - our price £6.99m2

carpet right contract carpet £15.99m2 - our price £13.99m2

carpet right duchess £15.99m2 - our price £13.99m2

carpet right eminence saxony £18.99m2 - our price £15.99m2

carpet right emporer £22.99m2 - our price £19.56m2

carpet right essex twist £19.99m2 - our price £17.95m2

carpet right fairford twist £27.99m2 - our price £18.95m2

carpet right flying high £9.99m2 - our price £8.99m2

carpet right gala £12.99m2 - our price £9.99m2

carpet right granada £11.99m2 - our price £8.99m2

carpet right hilton £17.99m2 - our price £16.99m2

carpet right home twist £9.99m2 - our price £8.99m2

carpet right harvard stripe/plain £17.99m2 - our price £16.19m2

carpet right heather supreme £14.99m2 - our price £13.49m2

carpet right hercules £8.31m2 - our price £7.99m2

carpet right indulgence £32.99m2 - our price £25.18m2

carpet right imperial £16.12m2 - our price £14.50m2

carpet right kosset twist £20.99m2 - our price £17.66m2

carpet right kossett heather £22.99m2 - our price £18.99m2

carpet right lake como £26.55m2 - our price £24.99m2

carpet right lynmouth twist £24.99  our price £17.99m2

carpet right major twist £14.99m2 - our price £13.99m2

carpet right morocco £19.99m2 - our price £14.10m2

carpet right monmouth twist 45 oz £24.99m2 - our price £17.00m2

carpet right nordic berber £11.99m2 - our price £9.49m2

carpet right norfolk twist £16.99m2 - our price £13.59m2

carpet right princeton stripe/plain £12.59 - our price £11.35m2

carpet right pleasure £14.71m2 - our price £14.45m2

carpet right prestige berber twist £22.49m2 - our price £19.15m2

carpet right revolution £10.99m2 - our price £8.74m2

carpet right rossini £18.99m2 - our price £17.99m2

carpet right shop fit £21.74m2 - our price £19.56m2

carpet right stainsafe twist £15.35m2 - our price £15.19m2

carpet right stately manor £20.69m2 - our price £18.62m2

carpet right sultan berber £16.19m2 - our price £14.57m2

carpet right super stainsafe twist £16.12m2 - our price £14.50m2

carpet right sweet dreams £10.74m2 - our price £9.85m2

carpet right sandham £17.99m2 - our price £16.86m2

carpet right samson £7.99m2 - our price £5.99m2

carpet right strata £10.99m2 - our price £9.99m2

carpet right super delta £10.74m2 - our price £9.95m2

carpet right super regent twist £24.99m2 - our price £23.75m2

carpet right super top twist £22.99m2 - our price £18.25m2

carpet right super mansion house £32.99m2 - our price £28.62m2

carpet right temptation £34.99 - our price £29.99m2

carpet right timeless luxury £24.99m2 - our price £21.99m2

carpet right tranquility £17.24m2 - our price £15.99m2

carpet right trendy stripes £7.49m2 - our price £6.99m2

carpet right two step £16.99m2 - our price £13.25m2

carpet right velvet twist £13.75m2 - our £12.90m2

carpet right virgo £5.99m2 - our price £5.50m2

carpet right vibe £14.99m2 - our price £11.99m2

carpet right vintage wilton £29.99m2 - our price £27.99m2

carpet right westbourne deluxe £23.99 - our price £21.99m2

carpet right westbourne supreme £27.99m2 - our price £25.99m2

carpet right westmorland twist £9.99m2 - our price £8.99m2

carpet right zanzibar £22.99m2 - our price £16.99m2

All carpet right prices above include vat.

The above are just a selection of our better prices!! All carpets cost more at carpet right...

Dont forget our underlay and grippers are better quality and better priced!!



QUICKSTEP - see our laminate flooring page




Associated Weavers - Bellvue Saxony £12.45m2

Associated Weavers - California Dreams £16.40m2

Associated Weavers - Carnival £17.90m2

Associated Weavers - Cashmere Textures £14.25m2

Associated Weavers - Country Berber £13.65m2

Associated Weavers - Crossland Berber £13.80m2

Associated Weavers - Crown Prince/Regent £8.90m2

Associated Weavers - Everest Twist £9.35m2

Associated Weavers - Gladiator £12.45m2

Associated Weavers - Glenweave £14.25m2

Associated Weavers - High Point Twist £14.25m2

Associated Weavers - Island Weave £8.10m2

Associated Weavers - Luxury Touch £18.70m2

Associated Weavers - New Direction Deluxe £9.80m2

Associated Weavers - New Direction Supreme £12.45m2

Associated Weavers - New Eton £13.35m2

Associated Weavers - New Mood £14.25m2

Associated Weavers - New Territories £16.35m2

Associated Weavers - Santorini £12.45m2

Associated Weavers - Scotsdale Twist £12.45m2

Associated Weavers - Shangri-La £13.95m2

Associated Weavers - Simply Stunning £10.25m2

Associated Weavers - Solo £14.25m2

Associated Weavers - Sonic Twist £9.80m2

Associated Weavers - Stainaway Harvest Heathers £13.35m2

Associated Weavers - Stainaway Shaggy £17.90m2

Associated Weavers - Stainguard Harvest Heathers £14.80m2

Associated Weavers - Tuftex Twist £9.80m2

Associated Weavers - York Twist £12.05m2

plus vat



Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Arena £8.40m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Berber Deluxe £13.85m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Boutique £13.60m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Countess £13.05m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Duchy £11.25m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Heather £13.60m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Image £12.05m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Luxor £20.65m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Majesty £13.55m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Panache £16.10m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Prince £9.50m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Royale £16.55m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Saxony £19.10m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Simply Naturals £13.60m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Style £10.80m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Triple Crown £12.60m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Tweed £13.60m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Twist £13.60m2

Abingdon Flooring - New Wild Silk £34.90m2

Abingdon flooring - Sophisticat £24.75m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stateside £16.30m2

Abingdon Flooring - Charter Supreme Gold £19.60m2

Abingdon Flooring - Palace Royal 40oz £15.90m2

Abingdon Flooring - Palace Twist 30oz £12.60m2

Abingdon Flooring - Royal Windsor Berber & Loop £14.00m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Jupiter £13.25m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Mars £17.70m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Venus £11.70m2 

plus vat


Axminster Carpets - Please Call For Our Trade Prices

Brockways Carpets - Please Call For Our Trade Prices

Cavalier Carpets - Please Call For Our Trade Prices


Cormar Carpets - Apollo £9.70m2

Cormar Carpets - Primo Plus £11.60m2

Cormar Carpets - Primo Delight £13.30m2

Cormar Carpets - Primo Ultra £13.30m2

Cormar Carpets - Sensations £15.40m2

Cormar Carpets - Forest Hills Super £13.10m2

Cormar Carpets - Forest Hills Elite £15.15m2

Cormar Carpets - Natural Berber Twist Super £15.35m2

Cormar Carpets - Natural Berber Twist Elite £17.50m2

Cormar Carpets - Natural Berber Twist Deluxe £19.80m2

Cormar Carpets - Malabar £14.70m2

Cormar Carpets - New Oaklands 32oz £14.90m2

Cormar Carpets - New Oaklands 42oz £17.40m2

Cormar Carpets - New Oaklands 50oz £20.60m2

Cormar Carpets - Home Counties 42oz £17.40m2

Cormar Carpets - Home Counties 50oz £20.40m2

Cormar Carpets - Avebury Plain & Stripe £24.80m2

plus vat


Furlong Carpets - Apollo 2 £7.85m2

Furlong Carpets - Ariva £4.05m2

Furlong Carpets - Bedford £8.50m2

Furlong Carpets - Broughton Twist £13.70m2

Furlong Carpets - Broughton Twist Supreme £15.80m2

Furlong Carpets - Cabaret £8.05m2

Furlong Carpets - Carleton £14.85m2

Furlong Carpets - Carleton Supreme £16.90m2

Furlong Carpets - Celebration £9.35m2

Furlong Carpets - Choices £6.80m2

Furlong Carpets - Clinique £10.10m2

Furlong Carpets - Design Elements £10.65m2

Furlong Carpets - Devotion £8.35m2

Furlong Carpets - Elegance £13.30m2

Furlong Carpets - Elite Loop £24.15m2

Furlong Carpets - Emberton £6.80m2

Furlong Carpets - Ferndown £10.55m2

Furlong Carpets - Glenmore £19.35m2

Furlong Carpets - Hades £11.90m2

Furlong Carpets - Harewood £7.53m2

Furlong Carpets - Heathers £5.90m2

Furlong Carpets - Hermes £5.90m2

Furlong Carpets - Inspiration £13.70m2

Furlong Carpets - Kingsdown 2009 £11.20m2

Furlong Carpets - Luxor £11.10m2

Furlong Carpets - Magnum £10.60m2

Furlong Carpets - Mayfair £28.00m2

Furlong Carpets - New Kildare £11.45m2

Furlong Carpets - New Tungsten Rib £6.95m2

Furlong Carpets - Noblesque £9.25m2

Furlong Carpets - Olney £6.80m2

Furlong Carpets - Options £6.85m2

Furlong Carpets - Park Lane £25.90m2

Furlong Carpets - Pendleton £10.45m2

Furlong Carpets - Primavera £8.50m2

Furlong Carpets - Quantum £9.90m2

Furlong Carpets - Resilience £10.10m2

Furlong Carpets - Rhapsody £4.20m2

Furlong Carpets - Satisfaction £14.55m2

Furlong Carpets - Selective £7.00m2 

Furlong Carpets - Smarden £8.70m2

Furlong Carpets - Spectrum £7.95m2

Furlong Carpets - Sumptuous £12.90m2

Furlong Carpets - Titan Professional £10.10m2

Furlong Carpets - Trident £13.05m2

Furlong Carpets - Tungsten Velour £6.95m2

Furlong Carpets - Vantage £4.20m2

Furlong Carpets - Variety £4.20m2

Furlong Carpets - Vision £9.00m2


Georgian Carpets - Please call for our trade prices


Manx Carpets - Classic Pandora 40oz £19.30m2

Manx Carpets - Classic Pandora 50oz £21.55m2

Manx Carpets - Classic Pandora 60oz £24.45m2

Manx Carpets - Castle Twist 30oz £15.85m2

Manx Carpets - Castle Twist 40oz £18.75m2

Manx Carpets - Castle Twist 50oz £22.55m2

Manx Carpets - Castle Twist 60oz £24.95m2

Manx Carpets - Castle Twist 70oz £29.40m2

Manx Carpets - Causeway Twist £13.45m2

Manx Carpets - Causeway Royale £17.25m2

Manx Carpets - Causeway Major £19.25m2

Manx Carpets - Castle Twist Essence 40oz £15.55m2

Manx Carpets - Castle Twist Essence 50oz £17.90m2

Manx Carpets - Elmhurst Twist £14.25m2

Manx Carpets - Elmhurst Elite £17.90m2

Manx Carpets - Landmark Twist £12.95m2

Manx Carpets - Landmark Supreme £13.95m2 

Manx Carpets - Mastercraft Supreme £15.05m2

Manx Carpets - Oakdene Super £17.50m2

Manx Carpets - Oakdene Supreme £19.90m2

Manx Carpets - Metropolitan 40oz £25.05m2

Manx Carpets - Metropolitan 50oz £28.85m2

Manx Carpets - New Ashworth Super 40oz £20.45m2

Manx Carpets - New Ashworth Extra Super 50oz £22.90m2

Manx Carpets - Rustic Heather £20.05m2

Manx Carpets - Tuscany 40oz £19.10m2

Manx Carpets - Tuscany 50oz £21.70m2

Manx Carpets - Natures Envy Deluxe 35oz £16.40m2

Manx Carpets - Natures Envy Supreme 45oz £19.30m2

Manx Carpets - Natures Envy Luxury 55oz £23.50m2

Manx Carpets - Pandora Plains 40oz £20.45m2

Manx Carpets - Pandora Plains 50oz £22.90m2

Manx Carpets - Pandora Plains 60oz £24.60m2

All other ranges from Manx available, please call for our trade prices


Mayfield Carpets - Stratford £23.70m2

Mayfield Carpets - Super Maxim 50oz £23.80m2

Mayfield Carpets - Super Maxim 40oz £20.35m2

Mayfield Carpets - Country Garden 50oz £21.80m2

Mayfield Carpets - Country Garden 40oz £19.50m2

Mayfield Carpets - Quartz 50oz £15.55m2

Mayfield Carpets - Quartz 40oz £13.25m2

Mayfield Carpets - Quartz 30oz £12.05m2

Mayfield Carpets - Prism 50oz £16.10m2

Mayfield Carpets - Prism 40oz £13.75m2

Mayfield Carpets - Titanium 100oz £18.90m2

Mayfield Carpets - Platinum 80oz £15.70m2

Mayfield Carpets - Pewter 60oz £13.60m2

Mayfield Carpets - Gold 52oz £13.25m2

Mayfield Carpets - Silver 48oz £12.15m2

Mayfield Carpets - Bronze 40oz £11.65m2


Kingsmead Carpets - Artwork 45oz £21.85m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Artwork 60oz £28.30m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Ayrshire Classic & Felt £13.35m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Ayrshire Super £17.95m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Ayrshire Elite £19.95m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Galloway £13.40m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Grampian £13.40m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Highlands & Lowlands £10.55m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Lothian 40oz £17.85m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Lothian 50oz £20.20m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Madras £11.50m2

Kingsmead Carpets - New Vitronic 30oz £14.95m2

Kingsmead Carpets - New Vitronic 40oz £18.70m2

Kingsmead Carpets - New Vitronic 50oz £21.55m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Paloma £12.85m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Triple Twist Berber Super £17.90m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Triple Twist Berber Elite £19.95m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Triple Twist Berber Luxury £22.65m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Triple Twist Heathers Super £17.60m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Triple Twist Heathers Elite £19.95m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Triple Twist Heathers Luxury £23.90m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Vitronic Berber Super £14.95m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Vitronic Berber Elite £17.30m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Vitronic Berber Luxury £20.45m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Vitronic Traditions 30oz £14.95m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Vitronic Traditions 40oz £18.70m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Vitronic Traditions 50oz £21.55m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Vitronic Traditions 60oz £25.15m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Brecon £8.85m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Cheviot £8.85m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Cheviot Supreme £10.90m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Designer Stripe £6.70m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Holmfirth £14.20m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Holmfirth Super £17.90m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Homemaker £5.95m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Homemaker Super £7.00m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Homestyle Felt £10.15m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Homestyle Original £10.15m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Homestyle Super £12.75m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Malvern £12.40m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Monaco £10.05m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Ridgeway £8.85m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Silk Centenary £25.05m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Silk Sensations £14.25m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Silk Supreme £15.90m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Snowdonia £15.05m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Clean Easy Twist £8.35m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Enjoyment £7.35m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Genius Gold £15.90m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Genius Silver £14.25m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Genius Bronze £8.85m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Marvel £10.05m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Miracle £11.70m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Superb Gold £15.05m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Superb Silver £12.40m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Superb Bronze £8.85m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Virtuoso £13.40m2


Victoria Carpets - Options (Tudor Twist) 40oz £21.00m2

Victoria Carpets - Options (Tudor Twist) 50oz £24.50m2

Victoria Carpets - Options (Tudor Twist) 60oz £28.00m2